What do you do when you just can’t write?

The last week has been kind of a nightmare of Groundhog Day proportions for me. I’ve been too sick to write, even though I’ve got so much that I need to accomplish.

Last Monday, I started feeling unwell, but chalked it up to the crazy Texas weather changing on me. Then Tuesday I was super congested, and I chalked it up to allergies…right until the allergy meds didn’t work. I had to face facts—two weeks after I had gone to the doctor, I was sick AGAIN. Actually, I was sick STILL.

I went to an ENT on Thursday and she suspects that I have had the same sinus infection for months. I’ve been sick five times in the last eight months, four of those bouts since October. She gave me heavy antibiotics and a steroid. The antibiotics gave me an extremely bad reaction, so now I’m achy in all my joints to boot and I have to go back to the doctor again. I’ve felt terrible for a week and am just now feeling human, right when I needed to be on top of my writer game.

How frustrating is it when we as writers can’t do our jobs properly? I even ended up taking two sick days from the day job because I could barely concentrate, feeling like someone had beat me in the face with a shovel and all. I had so many goals for last week and didn’t make a single one of them.

But I think it’s really important to keep your spirits up even when it seems that everything is getting in the way of making your goals as a writer. It’s so easy to tear yourself down, convince yourself you can’t do it, decide that it doesn’t even matter and you might as well not even bother anymore. I should know, I’ve said it to myself countless times before.

Even though I could barely function this week, I still tried to do a little marketing planning or research when I could stand to look at a screen. I thought about my books a lot and what I was doing next, where I wanted to go. I did some social media planning and image downloading to get myself prepped for promotions and engagement. I did everything I could to keep my eyes on the prize even though there was no way I’d be able to write.

And now that I’m feeling at least somewhat better, I’m ready to jump back in. I might be tired and run down, but I can fight around that well enough this next week to try and make up for lost time. Fingers crossed I don’t have another relapse before the docs can figure out a cocktail of medicine to get me well…don’t they know I have important geek romance to write? 🙂

This week my goals are pretty simple:

  • Get as close to finishing Girlfriend as possible
  • Start my habit of scheduling social media (I got all the tools in place tonight!)
  • Work on my marketing plans at least a little bit