My funny Valentine

Stay little Valentine, stay…

Valentine’s Day has never, historically, been a favorite holiday of mine, thanks to unrequited loves and apathetic boyfriends in my younger years. But that changed when I was in my early 20s and decided to go to the SPCA and rescue a kitty on Valentine’s Day. I adopted my tortoiseshell calico cat, Caledonia (Callie for short), who has been my hell-raising Valentine ever since. She’s getting on in years, which is hard because I know we have limited time left together. But she’s still as spunky and chatty as ever, and I hope she stays that way. We just lost one of our other kitties (Crow T. Robotcat, the sweetest but dumbest cat to ever grace the Earth) last month, and I cannot fathom losing my first baby. I hope she’s my Valentine for a good while longer.

My other Valentine is my sweet, wonderful Mr. Fox, who really brings to mind the lyric, “each day is Valentine’s Day.” We don’t typically make a huge deal out of Valentine’s Day, since it’s sandwiched in between our the anniversary of our first date (January 1), my birthday, and our wedding anniversary (March 10). But we try to at least spend time together and have a nice date, which is super important since we’re both extremely busy. I don’t really know what I would do without that man—he is so supportive of my writing career and all my dreams in general. He is the type that romances me a little every day, in the most caring of ways. I am a big gesture romantic at heart, but it did me good to land a guy who infuses love into every small thing that he does for me. I appreciate so much more now that I understand that, and try to do it as much as I can in return.

On the writing front, this was a crazy week. Being back from sickness meant I had catching up to do at the day job, and this is our busy season. But I love what I do so much and feel extremely lucky to have the position I hold. My freelance writing is picking up too, with a plethora of jobs on the horizon over the next two weeks. That means that every word I can squeeze out on my fiction projects is doubly precious, and I may not be doing a lot of sleeping in the coming days. Today I am spending much of my Valentine’s Day on my WIP trying to reach The End. I hate being behind and I am so close that I can almost taste it. (The End tastes like chocolate and champagne, in case you were wondering.)

My goals for the next week:

  • Finish my WIP — yeah, this will be a goal until I get the damn thing done!!
  • Schedule my social media more so that I’m not as tempted to be a chatterbox. The struggle is real.
  • Get into a good schedule for my days. I’d like to attempt getting up early to write, even though I’m about as far removed from a morning person as can possibly be.

Happy Valentine’s Day, my loves