Jessica Fox - Geeked Out Series

Getting ready for the Geeked Out series launch

There’s something so satisfying about seeing the target meter in Scrivener tick from yellow to green, hearing the ding of the system sound that indicates I’ve passed my session target for the day. After a January that didn’t go at ALL to plan, I’m trying to end the month strong as I look down the barrel to my author debut! Geeked Out is coming soon and I’m so excited to bring everyone into the world I’ve created.

So what happened this month? Let’s see…a business trip to Canada, a family emergency, my birthday, a new freelance journalism gig, and then I got sick as a dog. 2016, I am giving you some very suspicious side-eye right now. But I’m determined not to let the last 31 days get me down, because I have so much great stuff happening that it far outweighs the bad things that have happened lately.

Right now I’m finishing up Drew and Caroline’s story in Code Name: Girlfriend for the author box set it will be a part of in April. As soon as I’m done with that, I’m jumping right back into Sam and Max’s story in Drawn to Your Heart so that I can launch it alongside the box set. I can’t believe it’s already almost February, which means I have less than 60 days to get it all finished and launched! Cue a little bit of hyperventilation. Between my day job, my freelance, and this it’s going to be a tight squeeze, but I’m determined to make it happen. Once I get those two out the door, it’s time for Kate and Colin’s story in Holding Out For a Superhero.

I’m getting ready to go on another business-and-pleasure trip at the end of March, so I might not even be home when the books launch. That’s good, because by then I’ll be on my vacation days and I will be too busy seeing Hamilton and exploring New York City to agonize over the launch and refresh stats over and over in real-time. But I know I won’t be able to resist keeping one eye on everything in my author world even while I’m trying to have fun.

So I’m in fast-writing mode, as well as promo prep mode right now. The marketer in me can’t resist putting together a comprehensive plan for my books, as well as the box set since that’s one of my contributions to the group. It’s a daunting task, but I really enjoy figuring out which promo tactics I want to try first. There are so many great pieces of advice floating around the author world, so I’m just going with what makes sense to me as a pro marketer out of the gate, and I’ll tweak as I move forward. Yeah, I’m nerding out just a little bit.

I’ll leave you with a fun little excerpt from Girlfriend…it’s the moment our heroine Caroline meets the hero, Drew—only neither one of them knows it yet.

The sidewalks around the main square were bustling for a weekday afternoon, moms with strollers mixing with college kids on skateboards and everyone in between. But the line for Java Jones was thankfully short—the baristas were like a well-oiled machine, cranking out drinks for the caffeine-addled patrons in record time.

“Large Americano, extra shot of espresso, shot of caramel, double shot of chocolate, whipped cream.” She forked over the requisite change to the barista and moved toward the edge of the counter, already salivating at the thought of the sweet respite of caffeine and sugar.

“That’s a serious drink.” The voice behind her was amused and deep.

Caroline turned over her shoulder with a grin. “I’m a serious girl.”

The owner of the voice was kind of hot, if she was honest—tall, broad shoulders that filled out a pretty nice suit jacket, and gray eyes that smiled just as much as his lips.

“I can tell.” He said, flicking his eyes up to her riot of bright pink waves. “It was the extra shot of espresso that gave it away. You planning on sticking to the ceiling all afternoon, or will you come down for your next fix?”

She laughed. “I only wish it was enough to make that big of a difference. Honestly, I need something more like a direct IV of caffeine straight into my bloodstream if I’m going to make it through the week.” Her drink appeared on the counter, piping hot and smelling like a little piece of heaven. She grabbed it and took a long sip, only stopping to lick the thin film of foam and whipped cream from her top lip. “God, that’s good.”

Coffee Hottie’s eyes were dilated slightly in the dim light of the shop. “I wish I felt that strongly about my coffee.”

“Then you’re definitely ordering it wrong. Try it with a shot of the homemade caramel syrup. Makes the flavor rich and deep but not too sweet.” She raised her cup in a salute and took another sip. “You can thank me later.”

“I’ll remember that.” Coffee Hottie’s megawatt smile went straight to the pit of her stomach, warming it almost as much as the coffee. “Next time, your coffee’s on me.”

“What makes you think there’ll be a second date?” Caroline winked and shouldered her bag more securely. “I’m going to be late. See ya around, hotshot.”

My goals for the next couple of months are steep but exciting:

  • Finish Girlfriend draft and get it to editors ASAP
  • Finish the edits to Drawn and get it to my content beta
  • Get my blurbs done!
  • Get marketing plans in place for the box set and Drawn

What goals do you have for your publication plan right now, fellow writers? Readers, what are you excited to see from your favorite writers?