Coming this October…Drawn to Your Heart!

It’s been a whirlwind since Virtually Yours hit the virtual shelves…since April I had sinus surgery and started working on a huge project at my day job, along with quite a bit of travel to places like San Francisco and New York (again). I feel like suddenly I blinked and the summer was almost over! I feel like I’m still digging out of how crazy things got when I was recovering from my surgery, but I’m finally back on track in a way that feels good.

The good news is that with fall comes my next release…my original book baby, Drawn to Your Heart, is coming to ereaders and tablets near you this October! I’ll be putting out paperbacks as well for those who are interested in a hard copy. Seeing this book come to fruition is a long journey fulfilled for me, because even though Caroline and Drew hit the shelves first, Sam and Max is where it all started.

Truth be told, these books might have never happened at all if not for my good friend Sidney Bristol. We were having a writing day one weekend and something on TV made me think of the basic plot for Drawn to Your Heart. I joked about how someone should write it, and Sidney turned and gave me her patented “are you kidding me?” look and said, “ummm no, YOU should write it.” I hemmed and hawed until she basically said, “I dare you.” So I started writing it, and then suddenly I was in love with these characters and this world. One book turned into a plan for many books. And here we are.

My other good writing buddy, Kait Nolan, has helped keep me on track and sane while writing these books, too. Along with Sid, she’s my go-to sounding board and beta reader. Without them, hitting THE END would be a whole lot harder. As in my books, life is better because of the tribe you choose. It doesn’t hurt that I have a really understanding and encouraging husband, either.

I can’t wait for October, but in the meantime I’m putting the finishing touches on Drawn to Your Heart and getting things ready for distribution. It’s a lot of work, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. If you want to stay updated on what’s happening as we draw closer to launch, don’t forget to add Drawn to your Goodreads lists and sign up for my newsletter!